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Body Signs

Karoline H. Larsen
2012 / Sjælland
Holbæk Strandpark v/ Kalundborgvej Holbæk, 4300 Danmark
Body Signs

Do what is shown in the pictures and create your own version of a Seagull Dive or a Coot Flap.

Karoline H. Larsen plays with positive pictograms in Strand Park in Holbæk. These signs prescribe what you may do in the park as opposed to the sort of signs we are used to. This undoubtedly makes for a different sort of walk through the park – utilising body positions inspired by the park’s animal life and nature, which you can, with the help of the signs, imitate. For example, do a Seagull Dive, a Baltic Prawn Kiss, or a Coot Flap.

This is how Karoline H. Larsen describes her work:

"The body signs are a playful interpretation of the classic pictogram signposts from the Danish Nature Agency. The decisive difference is that the Body Signs pave the way for all the things you may do! I have interpreted the classic dark red/green pictogram signs from the Danish Nature Agency and, by invitation of the Municipality of Holbæk and in collaboration with students from the Nordvestsjællands Produktionsskole [Northwest Zealand Production School], produced 20 Body Signs specifically for Strand Park in Holbæk. Strand Park’s romantic section, Holbæk Fjord, and the park’s animals, plants, and flowers formed the background for the selection of the final colours and movements for the 20 Body Signs. As a guest in Strand Park, you are invited to take a folder about the body signs along on a hike between Body Signs. Do what is shown in the pictures and create your own version of a Seagull Dive or a Coot Flap. You may also discover other animals, colours, and sounds along the way that inspire new body movements. The folder may be downloaded here from the site and from the Municipality of Holbæk’s homepage. However, they may also be found in the folder boxes at Strand Park itself (located on the Fjord Path across from Hotel Strandparken, the stair steps to the park by Søbadet Venedig [the Venice Seaside Resort], and the big playground)".

Download the folder on the body signs here: SA


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